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Business Strategy

Successfully navigating the corporate oceans is no mean feat and requires a clear vision and mission statement, as well as an effective and executable strategic plan.

Formulating clear vision and mission statements require in-depth knowledge of the industry, visionary thinking with regards to the direction the industry is taking, vivid desires for the future positioning of your business, and the foresight to create sustainable competitive advantages in a tough business climate.

Developing and implementing an efficient and executable strategic plan places significant strain on any organisation, and multiple skill sets are necessary to achieve this – creation of a burning platform, clear communication, strong employee engagement, and a proven methodology to name just a few.

At CTI we have extensive leadership experience from the container transport industry, ranging from functional leadership positions to the Board of Directors. We have hands-on experience with the formulation and implementation of business strategies and other large-scale change management projects, and we are ready to assist you through all stages of the Business Strategy process.