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All around the world, we witness ports which are either far too developed for the business which they can realistically attract, and therefore they are not cost efficient, or where they are at the other end of the spectrum being highly congested and therefore losing business opportunities.

Forecasting the future will never be a precise science, however it remains fundamental in determining the very fixed nature of and the significant capital cost of port asset investments which are required to establish a new port or to expand an existing port. Our consultants at CTI possess many years of experience in the industry, bearing witness to what went right and what went slightly less right and we have the foresight and ability to carefully guide you towards ensuring that your port of the future will be right sized.

We are ready to assist and to guide you in the following areas:

  • Demand forecasting and projections
  • Benchmarking and income assessments
  • Financial modelling and financing options

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