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A catalyst for change

At CTI we believe that the container industry is to our world what the river is to the land it irrigates. As a facilitator of global trade, it spreads wealth, creates jobs and is responsible for lifting millions of people out of poverty. It connects markets, people and cultures, and brings us all closer together.

Yes, we are not modest when it comes to appraising the industry to which we are devoted. While other factors naturally also are in play, there is little doubt that the container industry has contributed immensely to economic growth in the last few decades.

For an industry that can be credited with influencing so much change, however, it remains remarkably conservative. Aside from bigger ships and ports to match, little has changed since Malcom McLean’s Ideal X headed out to sea a little over 50 years ago. To remain a catalyst for change, the industry must change itself - or change will be brought about from the outside. That’s what history tells us.

When we look around, however, we see the signs of change accelerating everywhere. Innovation is coming in all shapes, forms and sizes, ranging from application of cutting edge technology to testing of new pricing and customer engagement models. The industry is redefining itself and those willing to challenge conventional wisdom are likely to be tomorrow’s winners.

At CTI we have made it our mission to be at the forefront of that change. As an agent for change, we believe that change is not brought about by companies, but by people working together and sharing knowledge. That’s why at CTI we focus on people first and last. We believe that the success of any change project is down to involving people affected by the change in designing their future. That’s the surest and least costly way to sustainable change and improved performance of the business.

Let us help you navigate the seas of change.