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Charles Moret

Educated as Captain and Chief Engineer, Charles dedicated his career to the shipping industry. After a few years at sea, he stopped navigating to create a ship owning entity and worked with ships management, fleet and operation management.

Later he became General Manager of network design, responsible for the global deployment of Maersk Line ships, strategic planning and assets investments. He was deeply involved in the takeover of PONL by Maersk Line, merging the network, calculating the synergies, and coordinating the cutover.

Charles also developed the first strategic planning liner network optimisation application, determining the most optimal set of volumes & revenues matching the network having the lowest cost.

Charles hold senior leadership positions as Managing Director of several countries for Maersk Line, growing the business by empowering organizations to deliver through continuous improvements. During his leadership experience, he enjoyed amongst other to coach talents, restructure organisations, and deliver cost efficiency initiatives.

Charles is also the founder of Oceo Trade and Oceo Talent, an independent consultancy company focusing on improving the performance of shipping and providing recruitment services to the Industry.

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