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Mastering the difficult change

Driving change is a challenge in any organization, and even more so when the change impacts our most important asset – our customers. It also requires very determined leadership to implement new processes and solutions that challenge the mindset and routines of the sales organization.

Too many sales excellence initiatives end up being stuck, because the change plan was weak or poorly executed. A successful CRM implementation will in most sales organisations amount to nothing less than a culture change that can take years to achieve, if not carefully planned from the outset

CTI is characterized by extensive hands-on experience with driving change in global container businesses. Our approach is methodological and fact-based, and rest on insight gained through numerous global change projects - knowledge that we apply with any project we undertake.

We can therefore also contribute as a external resource supporting complex change programs. From managing the project office to developing the communication plan, we are able to undertake any change related task. And don’t forget, we don’t need to learn the business first.