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Maximise profitability of your customer portfolio

There are many factors affecting profitability. Container carriers traditionally look to optimise flows & utilization, and reduce direct operating costs. The customer portfolio is also on the radar, but the means appear less specific and achievable results less tangible. The good news is that it can be managed.

Through analysis of the most important profit drivers, CTI can help you identify untapped pockets of profitability. Our approach include a thorough review encompassing:

  • Approach to market planning
  • Customer segmentation
  • Pricing & contracting models
  • Sales channels & customer coverage
  • Capacity and space prioritisation
  • Booking & acceptance prioritisation
  • Tools and data visibility

The outcome will be a list of initiatives, methods and processes the organisation can adapt, detailing incremental profit potential. Implementation and realisation is supported throughout.

Our approach to change and adoption consider competences and motivation ensuring that new ways of working are sustained and brings quantifiable improvement of the bottom line.