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Build a winning sales organization

In recent years much has changed in the container business – both on the buyer and seller side. However, while service providers have been busy driving out costs and trimming the business, customers have upped their game.

Professionalised procurement, easy access to information, new technology etc. is now posing new challenges for the sales organisation. How do you add value when the customer already is armed with data on what you offer? How do you avoid being commoditized? Additionally, demands for rationalisation are now also hitting commercial functions, who previously were allowed to fly below the radar. The message is clear. Sales and Service also need to do more with less.

At CTI we can help your business develop intelligent ways to sell its services. Our toolbox encompass all aspects of driving a modern sales organisation incl.:

  • Sales organisational design
  • Sales process and efficiency
  • Sales productivity & effectiveness
  • Sales skills and competencies
  • Sales management and coaching
  • Supporting tools incl. CRM
  • People and culture